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Joshua Bravo

So my journey began back in March 2013 when I decided being over 300lbs was a ridiculous way to live. Being a PE teacher, my goal and desire is to get kids to WANT to be physically fit and love the lifestyle. When I was at my heaviest (326lbs in March 2013) I was constantly being made fun of by my students, athletes and some teacher about my weight and how I need to practice what I preach. I always played it off like it didn't matter to me, but in all honesty it hurt like hell.

I have always been big (223lbs in 8th grade) because I played on the line for football and thats what you needed to be, big. When I stopped playing football, i didn't stop being big... I kept eating like i needed to when I was still playing ball. When I started down the path of the healthy lifestyle, the working out component was the easy part because I have been lifting heavy weights since I was in grade school, it was the eating component that was the struggle for me. In a day I could eat a ridiculous amount of food and then end up smashing a box of oreos with some Ben and Jerrys ice cream with out blinking an eye. From March 2013-January 2014 I did my own diet and tailored my own workouts and cardio. I did a good job and dropped about 60lbs on my own within that time frame. As the weight came off I started getting that itch to compete somehow. Thats when a buddy of mine just wrapped up his first body building show and inspired me to want to compete like that.

My buddy got my hooked up with Roger and Ally Baker from RAB Fitness in January 2014 and it started me down the path I am currently on. From day one I have been working with them to compete in a show. Through my time with them so far I have drop more fat and put on more muscle than I believe I could have done on my own. The meal plans and how they got me looking at food and basically teaching me how to eat has been the best thing that I have taken away from this expeierence. When I did this on my own, it was all chicken and rice... And I hated it. Through them I have never dreaded eating a meal or got bored with my plan. Through this year I have noticed the biggest changes in my body.

Now here I am 8 weeks left until competition and my weight is lower than it was when I was in 8th grade... Still have more to lose just like everyone else, but I'm enjoying the hell out of this ride! My Journey will not end at the WNBF Emerald City competition, and I can not wait to see where I can take my body next! My biggest motivation to keep going are my students, they watched me go from a 326lbs man and transform into a Natural Bodybuilder and it gets me when students now come to me and say "We are proud of you Bravo".

The pictures on the left are from around March of 2013 and the pics on the right are from about 12 weeks out from my first show (WNBF Emerald City on April 18th).

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